The 3 Things That Make Driftwood Art So Unique


where to buy driftwood, driftwood for sale, driftwoodLike most things in life, not all art is created equal. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to driftwood art pieces, but in a sense that means quite the opposite of the saying.

While certain forms of art offer different levels of quality, style and beauty, you never get less than the best when it comes to driftwood. Now, you may be wondering how this is possible - here goes!

If you’re not a reader, just check out our incredible driftwood for sale on and you’ll quickly get the answers you’re looking for. Otherwise, grab your reading glasses and a cup of Java because you’re about to explore the wondrous beauty and journey of driftwood art.


No Two Pieces are the Same

Just like a snowflake, you’ll never find driftwood art that is identical to another. This art form is curated from wood from an infinite variety of tree species from any number of geographic locations on what could be a never ending journey. It is sculpted and smoothed as it endures its ride through the currents and the tides. There may be driftwood pieces that are similar in shape, size and structure but they’ll never be identical and each will have its own story.

It’s the incredible power of driftwood art. No matter what, your art piece is exclusive, special and unlike anything else that can be found on this earth. Amazing, right?


It’s Mother Nature’s Masterpiece

With that said, you may be wondering how each driftwood art piece gets its unique elements. To put it simply, it comes down to mother nature. While the artist can glaze, gloss, carve, stage and do many other things with driftwood, the true beauty comes from the earth.

In other words, you can paint a piece of driftwood but it’s beauty and value still comes from the outdoors and the way it has grown and then degraded, naturally, in this world. Mother nature dictated how the wood curves, how the branches part, and the kind of weather and water it went through to become the masterpiece that it is today.


Driftwood Art has a Story

All art has a story. It’s what makes it so beautiful, but driftwood art has a novel. Every piece of driftwood goes on a wild journey – quite literally – before it ends up in our online store. You never quite know exactly where it came from, or how the tree was uprooted or how the branch was broken off. You never know what animals sniffed around it or made it their shelter on a cold stormy night. How your driftwood made its way to water, and for how long will always remain a mystery, and how much sun, wind, rain and snow is yet another secret that only Mother Nature knows.

Most of all, the pounding and constant current of the river or ocean in which it journeyed, and that shaped and smoothed your driftwood into this beautiful piece of artwork displayed in your home will always be a beautiful enigma. 

The power is in each individual piece; a piece of art that no one else will ever have. Driftwood is a complex, complicated and enchanting piece of artwork.

So if you’ve been wondering where to buy driftwood and are eager to add this unique, beautiful and enchanting art form into your home, it’s time to head on over to River Valley Woods. We offer a vast selection of unique and beautiful driftwood for sale that will bring a humble dose of earthy tones and ambiance into the interior of your home. The beauty and aesthetics of driftwood art are undeniably powerful.  



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